We design, develop and produce special vehicles:
  • advertising containers - hydraulic sliding
  • mobile screens
  • mobile training centers
  • mobile restaurants and cinemas
  • much more!
We guarantee high quality and reliability of manufactured vehicles. The equipment can include independent power supply, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, audio-video-TV. Use your imagination to work and get on the road with us. 
Mobile video wall. The screen area of ​​27 m2. Independent power supply. Directing room with air conditioning and heating. Meter wind speed to maintain proper security. Ready to work in 20 minutes! CE!
Professionally equipped training room - L'Oreal. Area - 65 m2. Media: independent power supply, hot and cold water, toilet, air conditioning, heating, internet access, installation of low voltage and audio-visual. Ready to work in one hour.
Mobile advertising folding the sides. Area - 80 m2. Media: independent power supply, sound system, air conditioning, heating, Internet access, video and low-voltage installation. Ready to work in two hours.
Mobile banking institution. Fully equipped a bank branch. Renovation of the facility? Now that's not a problem. You can reach out to your customers in any city!
Presentation trailer for Gillette Mach 3. 
Mobile advertising hydraulically extendable. Usable area: 50m2. Ready to work in only 30 minutes!
We offer a full range of work: from the drawings, the 3D visualization, which allows you to check the project out and to production process. Enjoy!